Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paint projects: mantle= SWEET! bathroom= SOUR!

 I've been working on updating some of the things around my mom's place.  It's stuck in a time warp.  Not in a good era either (sorry Mom).  These projects have to be inexpensive and simple since the eighteen year ownership of this house is now questionable.

So I started with the downstairs bathroom cabinets and the living room fireplace mantle.  They were that tacky pink washed stain from the 90's (so are the other bathrooms and kitchen cabinets, but those will have to wait).  

The before photos:

former living room mantle

downstairs bathroom (what a perfect 90 degree angle of my  inconspicuous arm there)

So the painting of the mantle went down without a hitch.  It's just a nice, crisp white .

I'm thinking of painting the tile surrounds white since I have everything to do it already, but I'm nervous about the possibility of ruining the tile.  Any suggestions?

a shot out to my niece Eden... LOL!

Now onto the bathroom cabinet dilemma.  I have painted it with two coats of  primer and three coats of paint, but it's still not enough.
5 coats and still translucent

Apparently I got the wrong type of paint (satin) so I'm going to have to break down and buy  some in eggshell.  I guess we all learn from our mistakes, huh?  It's time to cut my losses and head back to Orchard Supply.  I guess I should have done that two coats ago.  Ha!

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