Sunday, August 12, 2012

She's Crafty

That's the name of my board on Pinterest.  I'm one of those people who has hopes of being an arts and crafts type of person.  The problem is... I'm not.

Well, my sister and I have been trying to change our ways and become a little more like my mom, who happens to be a quilter extraordinaire.  All of our lives she has been into the stuff that Diana and I have finally begun to take an interest in.  Hopefully we can make her proud.

While snooping around Michael's the other day, we came across this collection of craft eye candy!

Let me tell you now, this line is exactly what we've been looking for!  It's not your 70's needle point, that's for certain!  We had just been talking about taking up something simple like cross stitching, when we rounded the corner and found Dimensions Handmade Embroidery Kits.  Our eyes lit up like two super stylish (LOL) rookie crafters in a sea of skilled masters.  Something we might be able to do AND feel proud of in the end?!?  Yes, please!  Something we'd actually hang up in our homes or throw on our sofas to be seen by people other than us!  Yes, please!  What a concept!

All the talk about taking up a craft that would help us decompress at the end of a crazy day might just be more than talk!  I'm planning on ordering a couple very soon!

I love this Mother Teresa kit!  I found it for cheap here.

The same with this cute little bird!  Found at the same place.

And this masterpiece!  Found here.

So my plans to stretch my craftiness from nada to un poco mas que nada, are underway and promised to you!  Now it has to be done!

OH!  And to add crafty joy to everyone's day, we have a Hobby Lobby coming to Morgan Hill!  Sure, it's 45 mins away from me, but hey!  It's closer than Texas (that's where I was first introduced)!  I almost spun my Honda around until I noticed that it wasn't even open yet!  Exciting times, people!  Exciting times!


  1. So so cute right!!!! Can't wait to do some!

  2. Super cute! You go girl - I don't cross stitch because it drives me crazy. It is very fulfilling to create something pretty like that though. Can't wait to see the finished product.