Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Pinterest DIY Favorites

I decided to post a few of my fave Pinterest DIY finds every week.  Well... if I can limit it to just once a week!  ; )

This vintage tray cart  is adorable!  I love the way she painted them!  They were rusty looking trays and she transformed them into a beautiful shelf!  Brilliant!  Find her post here!

How about this old book, turned picture frame?  I love it!

These are typical rubber outdoor mats in a lovely color!  So simple yet such a huge difference!  I believe these came this color but any of us could get the same look with our favorite color of spray paint!

This bathmat idea was very clever!  I'm planning on doing this very soon since I already have the same bathmats!

This awesome crate table is on sale at etsy but I think I can do something similar.  I'm excited to try someday!

This cornice stopped my heart for a bit!  It's an idea she got from another blogger Lemonade Makin' Mama who made the sign from old barnwood.  She took it one step further and turned it into a gorgeous cornice!

This blog has some beautiful photos of repurposed doors.  One of my favorite looks!  I love the idea of suspending the door for a table.  I wonder how well it would work with little kids though. LOL!

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