Monday, July 30, 2012

Birds on the Brain

My sister and my brother-in-law are moving in about a week.  So my sister and I have been going crazy with ideas for decorating her new place.  Yes, I'm living vicariously through her these days.  

Right now we're focusing on the small bathroom that will be shared by my mom, my two little nieces and house guests.  My sister, Diana, found her inspiration in a single washcloth that she found at Ross!

Aren't the colors to die for?!?  The little birds had us swooning for a very long time.  These towels (by Jakson) haven't been easy to come by.  I think she has a total of 3 wash cloths and 2 hand towels now.  I came across them on ebay, but the seller wants $90 for 6 towels.  Ummmmm, no thank you!  You bought them at Ross.  We're good.  We'll keep hunting!  ;)

So we came up with a little teal polka dot theme to go with the bird towels.  So far it's looking really cute!  She just needs to add some of the bright orange-red hand towels into the mix and she's in business!

Since the bathroom is really tiny, she's decided to keep the room really light and bright, so this adorable shower curtain that I found at Ross yesterday is out of luck.  Back to the drawing board!

But I did find this cute little soap dispenser that I snatched up!  Here it is with the polka dot towel and the shower curtain before I forced myself to put them back!

But it's ok.  She's right.  With a bathroom the size of a postage stamp, you have to go with your gut instinct and stick with the light and airy palette.

If I could find the curtains that went with this set then we'd be talking!  It's just too perfect to be true.  Hey, it's the chase that we're after, right?  ; P

So we're figuring a teal and white pattern of some sort for the shower curtain.  Possibly polka dots but we saw some cute horizontal wide striped curtains on pinterest.  There's always zig zag or herringbone!  

I really dig this one from Urban Outfitters, but it might be too much when it's altogether in one little room.

We're really going to be racking our brains on how to make this little bathroom space work for grandma and her two granddaughters.  There's really only one small wall that has enough vertical space to do anything brilliant as far as storage is concerned.  

I like the concept of this storage idea.

We could probably find a basket with a looser weave that might resemble a bird's nest!  

We're going for it!  One room at a time!  I'll post photos as we go!

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