Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm baa-aack!... Well, Sort of.

Big news in the Castillo household.  We are moving out of my mom's house so that she can SELL it... not because the mean, selfish banks are taking it!  She actually gets to sell it!  Thanks to our friend (Pastor's Wife/Real Estate Agent), Anabel, we're getting the ball rolling so that we can get her house on the market!  It's such an answer to prayers and we're so amazed and in awe of God's grace.  

In the meantime, we're moving into a little cottage!  When I say little, I actually mean TINY.  But ya know what?  It's exactly what we need right now!  God is so good and is so attentive to what our little family needs at this time.  

We're thrilled to be paying a very small amount (by California's terms) and our landlords are awesome too!  My hubby was visiting his dad and step-mom when they started talking about the small place behind them recently having become vacant.  My father-in-law had been a step ahead of us and went and asked the details on the place.  Turns out it wasn't a studio after all and that they were willing to have a small family live in it.  

We were peeking in the windows (as all red blooded Americans do, right?) when the landlord pulled up in his vehicle!  Turns out he was expecting us today and saw us.  So we were able to check the place out and talk to him about the fine print.  We decided to go home and pray and sleep on it.  

The next day we put down the deposit and decided to ask about possibly changing out the flooring which was in dire need of change.  It was old and smelled pretty badly.  See what I mean!

Luckily they were totally cool with us tearing up the carpet because it was pretty filthy underneath.

 We tore it out and cleaned it up a bit and then my husband laid some self leveling cement because there was a 1.5" downward slope towards one of the walls.

Look in the left corner of the room and you will find the Acacia laminate flooring that will be laid tomorrow while I'm at work!  Hip hip hooray!

 We really do feel so blessed by what God is doing in our lives.  We were hoping to go ahead and buy a small fixer upper but we feel no disappointment in where God is placing us.  We're directly behind my in-laws and we'll be able to hang out all the time!  There's a lot of land for my daughter to play and we have a gorgeous view!

There's a lot to do but this place has so much potential to be adorable.

I'm already envisioning the quaint English garden that will be slowly taking shape.

We have two walnut trees!

We're hoping to put in a swing here!

So that's what's going on right now.  I'll be posting photos of the transition and thinking up a cute little cottage name!!!

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  1. So exciting! I really can't wait to see it! Great job Patrick! Your landlords really scored with you as tenants!