Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Light the Night!

We had a very successful festival tonight at our church.  We had games, crafts, food, contests, candy, prizes,  music... all set up for the neighborhood children.  It was a wonderful way to spend the evening and such a blessing to all involved.

Jacob's Ladder bean bag toss game.

Pie eating contest (ok, so they were actually Twinkies).

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Light the Night Festival, but I thought it was the only appropriate day in which I could post a photo of a Black Widow on my blog!  We found her last week hanging onto the INSIDE of our screen door!  My husband claims it is the biggest BW he's ever seen (and he's been around some nasty spiders from around the world).  I won't go into the noise that I made when I noticed her as I passed through the front door.  We'll just leave that up to your imaginations.  But go easy on me, alright?

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