Friday, November 2, 2012

In the midst of all the chaos...

... I love walking out my front door to see this little basement door with the beautiful bougainvillea surrounding it.

It brings this sense of peace and an overwhelming feeling that God is here with me through it all.  He knows exactly what my heart desires (at this moment, it happens to be a lightly stained blue basement door and bougainvillea).  ;)

But seriously, I have been stressing like crazy over my mom's house (the packing, cleaning, selling of items, etc.).  It went on the market a few days ago and we have had numerous showings already.  The problem is that it is not "show ready."  It looks like a pack of giant men came through the place and started grabbing random things while tracking in mud, dirty socks and spider webs.  I suppose some of those things were already there but you get the point.

Please keep me in your prayers as well as my husband and my mom.  We have a long weekend ahead of us if this place is going to have any chance of showcasing its beauty.  I'm barely keeping my sanity at this point. 

Thank the good Lord for bougainvillea and old wood!

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