Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted and painted today

I won't post much on politics here.  I am not one for debates.  But none-the-less, voting is important and so many people have devoted their lives or even lost their lives for our right to vote.  The good ol' US of A is a country founded on freedom and we should respect the Founding Fathers who drafted the Constitution!  


I spent the afternoon cleaning, sanding and priming our dresser.  I got in 2 coats of primer and was racing to finish before the sun went down.  This daylight savings is crazy when it comes to 3:45 sundown!  The sun wasn't completely gone for another hour so I was able to get in a few touch ups.  Hopefully I'll be able to complete the turquoise coats tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes! 

 We really, really need that dresser done.  We have baskets of laundry lying around with no where to go.  If I haven't mentioned before, we had to downsize our closet size drastically.  Our house is in shambles so getting these projects completed is vital to my sanity.  I cannot stand disorganization.  It makes me anxious and somewhat angry.  I find it quite humorous (ok, that's not how I would put it if I weren't on a public forum) that I ended up marrying a man who is the opposite of tidy.  He's like five 3 year olds enclosed in a room without supervision.  Except he can cause more turmoil in less time.  Yeah, he's like that.

Annnnnnnnyways, here is a teaser of the dresser's current primed state!

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