Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lonely Girl

This weekend my whole household emptied out while I stayed back so that I could go to work.  My husband went to a men's retreat while my Mom and my daughter went to visit my sister and her girls for the weekend.  The irony of that is that my brother-in-law left for a wrestling tournament down in Bakersfield and my sister invited my Mom to stay with her so that she wouldn't be lonely!  Ha!  And then, of course, someone had to watch my baby while I went to work.  So there you have it.  Mom leaves me lonely so that her other daughter isn't lonely.  Thanks.  

So I have no excuses (and nothing else to do anyway) so I have decided to tackle the frightening pile of laundry in the garage.  That, and watch reruns of Monk on Netflix.  

I miss my family!

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