Saturday, March 31, 2012

Non- antiquing in Soquel

What on earth, you say?  Well, it was a beautiful day out and my daughter and I hadn't had much fresh air since I had been under the weather.  So I decided to go to Soquel and have a fun time antiquing.  Ummmmmmm, no.  This is why.

My diaper bag was bumping into everything that my daughter hadn't spied first. Sigh.  I thought I was going to be all slick and bring my little umbrella stroller and that my 2 year old would be the angel that all Antique Store owners dream of.  

The first thing she spotted was a wood elephant bench at this cute little store.

I started to head towards the back of the store and I spotted a framed Rainbow Fish hanging.  It's one of her favorite books so she marveled at it like the little darling that she is.  I assumed she was still looking at it so I started looking around but then I heard china rattling.  She was trying to have a tea party right there.  Oops.  So I tucked my tail between my legs and headed right back out of the store before I ended up purchasing broken china.

So we ended up just strolling along the avenue soaking up the rays and taking some pretty pictures of buildings.

Like this church.

Oh wait.  I forgot.  Thanks UPS driver.

The stores along this street are absolutely adorable.

They beckoned me to come.

I guess I'll see the insides of them someday.

I am not much for jasmine, but this looked so beautiful.

It would have been perfect if it wasn't for the tagger.  Seriously.  
Who tags an awning?

Ok, it would have been close to perfect.
Maybe if that mailbox didn't say this:

My daughter enjoyed the sun and the wind in her hair and I enjoyed looking... at... her... hair.

And yes, before you ask, Eeyore never misses a stroll....... ANYWHERE.

My husband, Patrick, and I have been eyeing this cute little apartment above one of the coffee shops.

I bet it's super fun on the inside.  How awesome would it be to just walk downstairs and have a cup of hot chocolate at this cute little cafe?

Or next door to this adorable little deli???

I just loved this little sign.  I wish all stores had cute little 
drawings to lure people in.

I love this house!

It was up on a hill overlooking the avenue and this pretty mural.

So after passing cute store after cute store, I finally found a Play It Again Sports that we could patronize.  And I found a dummy who was afraid of me.

(shot out to Carina Moreno who's peeking around his right shoulder)

I wanted to claim this little place as my own also.  Can you tell
 my favorite color is yellow?

All in all, we had a wonderful time and I can't wait to come back again.  I might even have the nerve to fill up my car at this gas station! ;)

I am going out on a limb and saying that this is a very friendly dog since she lives at the gas station, without a leash, and everyone was loving on her. :)
 Maybe next time we will too.

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