Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is in the air

Oh the joy of spring!

Our tulips have blossomed!

Even the weeds look pretty!

Last year's sunflowers sprouted up unexpectedly!

We're looking forward to more gorgeous flowers just like last year! 
 Here are some shots from 2011's garden

(Isn't this little guy cute?)

And this busy little bee kept our daughter busy for a solid hour.

The butterflies were flirting with us...

... and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Our cat, Macy, got nosy...

... while Star got fierce!

Ok, actually she was only yawning.

The Naked Ladies were stunning.

They were this shimmery pink that dazzled.

The Fuschia's danced around like tiny little fairies.

The apple tree was abundant.

And this tree (I completely forgot what it's called) always reminds me 
of Tucson where I grew up.

We planted our carrots too close together last year, but they still came in beautifully.

Thank you God for making spring!!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I can only dream of having a garden like that one day. :)